Auto Accident Injury

auto accident injury

Quality Chiropractor Care Can Help You Rehabilitate from an Auto Accident Injury

Each year in the United States, about six million car accidents happen. Sadly, on average, about three million people are injured in those accidents. These injuries lead to people having to deal with chronic pain and reduced mobility. Many of them cycle through pain killers. Life is interrupted. Future plans have to be modified. But you do not have to succumb to these sad outcomes. The experienced staff at South Bay Wellness Center located in San Jose, CA have literally helped thousands of injured car accident victims.

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Injuries Car Accident Victims Suffer from That Your Chiropractor Can Help

Whiplash occurs when the head is forced in one direction and then immediately in the opposite direction. This forceful event causes the muscles and ligaments in the neck to be overextended. It also can cause a vertebra in your neck to be forced out of alignment or a disc to be herniated.

The damage caused by whiplash can cause pain and stiffness in your neck, extending to your shoulders and down your arms. These effects can make it hard for you to move your neck and arms. Your chiropractor will look for the source causing the pain and stiffness. They will work with your vertebra to get it moved back into position. Your chiropractor can use electric muscle stimulation, and exercises to help in the rehabilitation of affected muscles

Spinal Injury:
The impact of a car accident or being jerked around can cause your spinal column to be knocked out of alignment. Any of your vertebrae that are out of alignment can put pressure on a nerve, causing pain, numbness, and muscle stiffness. Your chiropractor will work any misaligned vertebrae back into position. This will bring relief to any affected nerves, relieving pain and allowing your muscles to operate normally

Headaches, Migraines, and Muscle Tension:
Again, a misaligned spine interacts with your muscles in an irregular fashion. This puts irregular and an inappropriate amount of pressure on your muscles. By correcting a poorly aligned spine, your chiropractor will relieve your muscles of the pressure being exerted on them and allow them to heal. Correcting your spine will also relieve any pressure it is exerting on nerves, which can bring relief to the headaches you may be experiencing.

Injuries received during an auto accident include the tearing of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This damage causes inflammation throughout your body. Your chiropractor will work to reduce the inflammation that will help to alleviate pain and assist in the healing process. As scar tissue develops, your chiropractor will help break up the scar tissue. This will reduce pain, stiffness, and muscle tension.

Prompt Chiropractic Care Makes a Difference

With a thorough exam from your chiropractor, a personalized treatment program can be put into place that will support your body's natural healing process. With years of experience treating thousands of patients, you can trust that you will receive quality care at the South Bay Wellness Center in San Jose, CA. Instead of allowing the effects of pain killers and muscle relaxers to control your life, make an appointment with us. We provide chiropractic services for the communities of San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, and Cupertino. You can call us at (408) 868-5255 to schedule an appointment today!

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